Youth Leadership Conferences

Mason partners with student leadership conferences to offer outstanding high school and university scholars the opportunity to participate in experiential learning for elective college credit.

These programs have been approved by our faculty, and students who qualify can receive college credit for "Special Topics in Leadership." Scholars enrolled in 4- to 8-day programs earn one (1) college credit, while programs that run 9 days or longer are eligible for two (2) college credits.

This is elective Mason credit and generally transfers to other four-year colleges and universities, but we recommend that students and parents check with the college/university they are applying to or attending if they are interested in how the credit would apply.

Brian Lamb poses for a photo with a WJMC attendee.

Washington Journalism and Media Conference

The Washington Journalism and Media Conference is an interactive program that provides a unique experience to high-achieving high school students with an interest in journalism, media, and related fields.

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Washington Youth Summit on the Environment attendees visit the National Zoo as part of the weeklong program.

Washington Youth Summit on the Environment

High-achieving students with an interest in the environment, conservation, and sustainability get access to exclusive field visits and sessions with researchers, scientists, directors, and program staff during this yearly summit.

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Envision by Worldstrides Career & Leadership Programs

Envision by WorldStrides offers students immersive career exploration and leadership development opportunities through programs taught by subject-matter experts.

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General Information

How are students selected?

Students are selected to represent their school and state through our academic partnerships. Nominations may be made by high school educators or students are identified by George Mason University through information we receive about students interests and/or academic ability through college entrance exams, or through data from NRCCUA (National Research Center for College and University Administrators), which conduct high school interest/career surveys. Educators are invited to fill out a nomination form for any of our student leadership opportunities and students will be contacted to confirm their nomination.

How are students evaluated?

The course, Provost 110 or Provost 210 is a "Pass/Fail" course and students are evaluated based on their experiential learning opportunities throughout the week. If a passing grade is earned, it will show as a “S” on the transcript. Conference faculty will monitor their active participation in simulations, contributions to discussions and demonstration of leadership and critical thinking skills in group and individual settings. Students will receive feedback on their progress throughout the conference.

How do I enroll in Mason college credit?

Scholars must "opt in" and apply for the elective credit by contacting the conference Office of Admissions and completing the online enrollment application, as well as answering the required questions on the Student Information Form. This must be done no later than the end of the second day of the program session. Students enrolling for credit must be capable of doing college-level work and have completed the 9th grade at the time of the program. Students are asked to provide a self-reported GPA and complete the required questions and student leadership essay prior to conference participation. Tuition is $100.00 for one (1) credit and $200.00 for two (2) credits. Payment will be made to the specific conference. Students who do not meet the requirements for college credit will be refunded the credit tuition amount.

How do I get a transcript after the conference is over?

All scholars who successfully complete the conference and requirements for credit will be sent an email at the beginning of November (near the end of the academic term in which the conference falls) verifying their credit and giving instructions for requesting transcripts. Scholars can request an official Mason transcript to be sent to their high school or colleges to which they are applying or attending.

In order to obtain the student’s transcript, please use the online transcript request system found here. You will need the student’s Mason ID number (G number) to complete the request. This G# will be sent in the credit verification email. There is a $10 fee per transcript ordered. This ID number has been sent to you in an email. If you are unable to retrieve your G number, please contact the Office of Admissions. To complete the online form, please follow the instructions found here.

The official name of the course will be listed on the transcript as either Provost 110 or 210 and the name of the program attended.

How does this affect my college applications?

We recognize that these student leadership conferences are an excellent opportunity for student growth and development and are outstanding experiences that enable emerging student leaders to network with peers from across the country and around the world.

While scholars must list on their college applications that they have previously enrolled in college credit and submit official transcripts from Mason, it is unlikely that this type of credit will have a significant bearing on the college admissions process. When given the opportunity, we encourage students to think about how they can present these experiences in the application process as an example of their leadership potential.

Contact Us

Please contact the Office of Admissions if you have questions or need additional information at or 703-993-5010.