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WorldStrides Educational Travel and Experience


Our WorldStrides Educational Travel Programs have been approved by our faculty, and students who qualify can receive college credit for INTS-195 Field-Based Work. Students enrolled in WorldStrides educational travel programs have the opportunity to complete a corresponding online course to earn up to three college credits. This is elective Mason credit and generally transfers to other four-year colleges and universities, but we recommend that students and parents check with the college/university they are applying to or attending if they are interested in how the credit would apply.

General Information

Who is eligible?

Students who are in grades 9-12 at the time of travel on select WorldStrides Educational Travel Programs have the option to enroll in college credit courses through WorldStrides Discovery for Credit. College course options differ in theme and destination based on the travel program. 

Students enroll in their Discovery for Credit course and have six months to complete the coursework after their return from travel. Students can choose from a 1-credit or a 3-credit course option.

How are students evaluated?

The course, INTS-195 Field-Based Work, is a graded course. Students receive a letter grade and are evaluated on the work submitted in the course. Coursework is evaluated by the WorldStrides team with personalized feedback, differentiated assignments, a range of product options, and a mastery learning approach to assessment.

How do I enroll in Mason college credit?

Students must enroll in the college credit course through WorldStrides Discovery for Credit. Students must be capable of doing college-level work and must have started their 9th grade year at the time of travel. Students are asked to provide a self-reported GPA above a 2.8 and complete the required course enrollment questions. Students have six months to complete the coursework after their return from travel. 

Tuition is $110 for one (1) credit or $330 for three (3) credits. In some cases, college credit may already be included in your program fee. To find out if this free credit applies to your trip, please confirm with your WorldStrides representative.

How do I get a transcript after the conference is over?

Each month, WorldStrides sends Mason a list of students who successfully complete the course and requirements for credit. Please give eight weeks after course completion for Mason to verify their credit and send email instructions for requesting transcripts. Students can then request an official Mason transcript be sent to their high school or the colleges to which they are applying or attending. 

To obtain the student’s transcript, please use Mason's online transcript request system. You will need the student’s Mason ID number (G number) to complete the request. This G# will be sent in the credit verification email. There is a $10 fee per transcript ordered. This ID number has been sent to you in an email. If you are unable to retrieve your G number, please contact the Office of Admissions. To complete the online form, please follow the instructions found here. 

The official name of the course will be listed on the transcript as INTS-195 Field-Based Work and the name of the course.

How does this affect my college applications?

We recognize that these educational travel experiences and reflective coursework are an excellent opportunity for student growth and development. 

While scholars must list on their college applications that they have previously enrolled in college credit and submit official transcripts from Mason, it is unlikely that this type of credit will have a significant bearing on the college admissions process. When given the opportunity, we encourage students to think about how they can present these experiences in the application process as an example of their leadership potential.


Please contact the Office of Admissions if you have questions or need additional information at or 703-993-5010.