Initiatives and Priorities

George Mason University has always been more about where we’re going than where we’ve been. And its star has never shined brighter than it does right now.

George Mason's outstanding academic programs, inclusive communities, and key location just outside Washington, DC continue to attract students from across the globe. In the last 20 years, George Mason has grown its enrollment every year except for two.

George Mason's research investments for 2022 totaled $178 million, a part of the university's goal to reach $225 million by 2024.

And, George Mason is partnering with businesses and government to build a strong economic corridor with large expansion projects at Mason Square and the Science and Technology campus in Manassas, and future expansion plans in Fairfax.

These are just some of the reasons why George Mason University has come so far in just 50 years and grown into the largest, most diverse, and most innovative public research university in Virginia.

Building an inclusive institution of educational excellence requires vision, leadership, and fortitude. It requires everyone working together -- united regardless of origin, identity, circumstance, or thought -- to achieve great things and foster a healthy economy, a healthy planet, a healthy society, and healthy people.



“Great research universities tackle the grand-challenge problems of our time. We call it research of consequence for a reason—we face serious consequences as a planet if we cannot solve our most pressing global challenges.”  

George Mason University President Gregory Washington



A student sits crosslegged atop a rock at the center of the campus meditation garden. Her eyes are closed and she looks to be meditating.
Healthy People
A group of diverse students sit at a conference table in a room where the walls are made of windows. These windows look out onto more students walking outside.
Healthy Society
Two students examine a leafy lettuce like green inside the President's Park greenhouse. One student holds a spraybottle they are preparing to use on the plant.
Healthy Planet
Paul Misener stands on a stage in front of a projected image at the Mason Square groundbreaking event. The image is concept art for the Fuse building.
Healthy Economy