Undergraduate Non-Degree

Mason encourages students to take risks, think freely, and explore new concepts and ideas while building the confidence they’ll need to improve our world.

We likewise encourage non-degree students to do the same, no matter if you’re just starting your journey in higher education or are looking to develop new skills later in life.

Learn more about the opportunities that await you as a non-degree student at Mason.

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Use Mason’s online application to apply for undergraduate non-degree programs.

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High School Dual Enrollment

Find out how talented high school juniors and seniors can earn college credit at Mason.

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Learn more about requirements for admission to Mason’s undergraduate non-degree programs.

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Mason Employees

The Office of Admissions welcomes applications from all Mason employees who wish to enroll in non-degree undergraduate courses.

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Virginia Senior Citizens

Virginia’s senior citizens can continue to learn new skills and discover new passions with Mason’s non-degree programs.

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A group of INTO students smile together on the Mason campus

International Students

International students holding F or J visas are typically not admitted in non-degree status. Exceptions exist for those students enrolled in the INTO Mason Pathway and English Language Programs. Exceptions also exist for those who attend Mason pursuant to the terms of an exchange agreement or memorandum of understanding between Mason and their home university.

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