Non-Degree Admissions for Employees

Mason encourages employees to continue to develop and refine skills to enrich both themselves and their communities through our non-degree programs.

The Office of Admissions welcomes applications from all Mason employees who wish to enroll in non-degree courses. Employees are required to meet the same admission criteria and deadlines as non-employees for degree- or non-degree seeking enrollment.

Full-and part-time faculty, administrative and professional faculty, classified staff, and non-student wage employees are eligible for the University Employee Tuition Exemption benefit, subject to University Policy #2209. 

The Office of Admissions waives the application fee for these students as well as Mercatus Center employees. Full-time students, graduate assistants, and student-wage employees are not eligible for a tuition exemption or application fee waiver.

Transcripts are not required for administrative, professional, and teaching faculty.

    Apply as an Undergraduate

    1. Apply online using the Mason-exclusive application
    2. Upload your employee ID when prompted on the application
    3. Provide any documentation requested by the Office of Admissions
    4. Check your email and portal for updates about your admission decision.
    5. Register for courses
    6. Submit the Tuition Exemption form

    Apply as a Graduate

    1. Apply online based on your program’s specific deadlines and requirements
    2. Submit the application and non-refundable application fee
    3. Allow for processing of your application and check your application status online 
    4. Wait for your decision email