Patriot Pop Quiz: Mascots of the 1990s

Someone in a gorilla costume cheers in the crowd at a sports event
The brief gorilla period, 1994. Photo provided by Mason Athletics

Think you know a lot about Mason? Let’s find out if we can stump you with this Patriot Pop Quiz.


One person has portrayed three different Mason mascots over the years, including the tricorn-hat Gunston (1993), the brief Gorilla period (1994), and the fuzzy Gunston (1996).

He is still a Mason employee. Who is it?

Former Mason mascot Gunston, a fuzzy green monster-like creature, at a basketball game
Gunston, 1996. Photo provided by Mason Athletics
Former Mason mascot Gunston, a human-like character wearing a tricorner hat and Colonial-era garb, on the basketball court
Gunston, 1993. Photo provided by Mason Athletics


Head shot of George Malenich, plumber at George Mason University
George Malenich, plumber, Facilities. Photo provided

George Malenich, Mason Square plumber, Facilities Management

“I loved being the mascot at Mason. The exposure opened doors for me. I did the play-by-play for Mason women’s basketball and hosted a sports talk show at WGMU radio with several students. We had great guests, including legends like Dick Vitale, Arnold Palmer, and Gus Johnson. [Former Mason Men’s Basketball Coach] Jim Larrañaga was a frequent guest, too," said Malenich, also a Mason alum.

"Being the mascot helped me land the job as a plumber here 26 years ago, which is a position I love," he said. "I was courtside for the Final Four run in 2006. One of my greatest thrills was being in the second row of the press section for the UConn upset—in regular clothes, not dressed as a mascot."