Mason becomes the first verified college on Spokin food allergy app


George Mason University has become the first Spokin Verified College, meeting a growing need for food allergy and celiac safety in campus dining. Spokin is a mobile app and platform dedicated to helping individuals with food allergies and celiac disease find safe food options. 

Simple Servings allergen-free dining station
Simple Servings allergen-free dining station. Photo by Ariana Fernandez/Mason Dining

Spokin’s new Verified College Program provides current and prospective college students with answers to commonly asked questions, including where to find food ingredient and allergen information and whether any food stations are free of allergens. Students may share their dining experiences in the form of reviews that can help prospective students discover food options that meet their needs.

To earn Spokin verification, Mason Dining provided detailed information about dining halls, other food options on campus, dining support staff, housing accommodations for students with dietary restrictions, and emergency response procedures related to food allergies and celiac disease. The verification is valid for one year and is renewable.  

Mason Dining has demonstrated a proactive commitment to food safety and accommodations. This fall, The Difference Baker opened on the Fairfax Campus, offering baked goods free from common allergens. The Simple Servings food stations in Ike’s and Southside dining halls are also free from common allergens, along with the Simple Zone allergen-free pantry.

Mason was ranked #59 in Spokin's 2023 edition of the Top 100 Allergy-Friendly Colleges. As a Spokin verified college location, Mason pledges to provide a safe and inclusive dining experience for those with food allergies and celiac disease.

The Spokin app can be downloaded for free on the iOS App Store.