This Mason Nurse makes an impact one patient at a time 


From the MAP Clinics to virtual reality training and the Student Nursing Association, Bachelor of Nursing student James Kim graduates prepared to be a great nurse. 

James Kim BSN
James Kim with children he met on a mission trip

The next Mason Nurse is ready for the challenge. James Kim will graduate in May 2023 with his Bachelor of Nursing, ready to pass his board certifications, and begin his job in the adult observational unit at Inova Fairfax Medical Campus. In addition to his motivation, excitement, and preparation, he credits his experiences in Mason’s nursing program for preparing him to reach his goals as a nurse. Kim wants to help underserved communities by providing the best standard of care and supporting patients as individuals. 

“Growing up I always loved helping people and the best profession that allows this, in my opinion, is nursing,” said Kim. “During my time in the program, I was able to directly and positively care for individuals, which made me realize the benefits and impact that I could have on my community one person at a time.” 

Hands-on experience is a cornerstone to a Mason Nurse’s education to help improve and inform their practice. Students work with the culturally diverse patient population in the northern Virginia area, which provides them with the necessary skills to deliver health care to underserved populations. 

“Mason’s Nursing program has access to local hospitals and clinics that give us privileges to gain hands-on experience with actual patients instead of manikins. We also have an amazing faculty that has extensive knowledge in different specialties, but also the basic foundations of nursing,” said Kim. 

At the Mason and Partners (MAP) Clinics, Kim was able to practice what he learned in real-world scenarios with real patients. The School of Nursing operates several MAP Clinics, interprofessional bridge-care model free clinics that serve the uninsured and refugee community within Prince William and Fairfax counties in Northern Virginia. Kim provided vaccines to children and taught others to do the same, performed assessments independently, and lead students as a charge nurse. 

“This opportunity with our MAP Clinics is important because of the different skills that you utilize and practice outside of the hospital setting. I was able to directly handle an individual’s care and communicate with my peers. This helps students build more of their communication and assessment skills which in turn is beneficial for clinicals in the hospital,” said Kim.  

Kim is focused on using his skills to help individuals in underserved communities and is excited to make a difference. He sees his future nursing job in Inova’s adult observational unit as another way to have a positive impact on more patients. Kim describes the unit as similar to the emergency department’s fast-paced atmosphere, which will allow him to strengthen his previous nursing and critical thinking skills in a medical/surgical setting, and his evidence-based skills. 

During his BSN program, Kim also participated in virtual reality (VR) training during his pediatrics rotation. The VR training complimented his in-person experiences by helping him feel more confident in his skills. The College of Public Health’s VR and Simulation Labs allow students two practice scenarios that “challenged us to utilize knowledge taught to us from our lectures,” according to Kim. He found it beneficial to have the instructors guiding him whenever he got stuck and to discuss how the scenario could be improved in the future.  

He also values the teamwork in the program through clinicals, assignments, and his participation with the Student Nurses’ Association (SNA).  Through these, he says he’s formed long-lasting friendships and help others within the program. 

As vice president of SNA, Kim brought innovative ideas the to student-run organization that hosts for professional and social events for student nurses, such as clothing drives and professional speakers. This role helped him hone his leadership and communication skills by creating a community and opportunities for Mason Nursing students. 

He is grateful for all he’s learned at Mason and feels prepared for the professional world. Kim wants to continue to improve his craft and would eventually like to become a nurse practitioner.