Enrollment Freeze


At the "enrollment freeze date", the Office of Student Financial Aid (OSFA) will verify your enrollment. If you increase or decrease your enrollment between the disbursement date and the enrollment freeze date, your financial aid will be adjusted accordingly to ensure that it is the appropriate amount for your enrollment on the freeze date.

The enrollment freeze date for the Fall 2021 semester is September 14, 2021. After this date, no adjustments or increases will be made to your financial aid and all financial aid payments will be final (with the exception of any Part of Term classes that begin later in the semester. Dropping a Part of Term course that begins later may result in a reduction of your aid.) If you completely drop or withdraw from all your classes at ANY point, the Financial Aid Office will determine how much aid you can keep and how much has to be returned to the US Department of Education. This is called a Return to Title IV calculation.

Students who withdraw from a full semester course after the enrollment freeze date will have a "W" appear on their transcript and will not get a partial refund of tuition paid for the course. The "W" grade will be included when determining Satisfactory Academic Progress.