Virginia Alternative State Aid

Beginning in January 2022, a new financial aid application became available for Virginia students who are ineligible to complete the federal FAFSA form, including undocumented students and those with Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) status.

The Virginia Alternative State Aid (VASA) Application will enhance college affordability for even more undergraduate students who call Virginia home.

The VASA application is designed to calculate students’ Student Aid Index (SAI) which is then used to determine eligibility for state need-based financial assistance. This new state financial aid application is a free and safe way for students to pursue financial assistance for postsecondary education.

Due to a delay in the availability of the 2024-25 VASA application, Mason's official VASA priority filing deadline for the 2024-25 aid year is March 1.

Additional information can be found at

Please note:  The VASA application determines eligibility for Virginia need-based financial assistance and does not qualify students for federal aid. Students who are eligible to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) are strongly urged to complete it to qualify for federal and state need-based aid.  The VASA application should only be completed by Virginia residents who are ineligible for FAFSA funding.

Male VASA filers must still meet U.S. Selective Service requirements to be eligible for state grants. If you have not registered, please go to to register for the Selective Service.

If You Need to Make Corrections to a VASA Application You Have Already Submitted

  • Send an email with your full name to to request that your VASA application be reopened so you can make updates/corrections (e.g., add a school, update dependency and/or tax information).
  • You will receive an email from letting you know that your application has been reopened and to do the following:
    • Log into your VASA application account.
    • Go to the "Documents" tab on your account dashboard.
    • Open the application in the "needed" status to make your updates/corrections (ignore the "incomplete" application). The application will be prepopulated with your original answers. You will have to go through each section of your application and the signature process again in order to successfully submit your application.

For questions about eligibility or completing the application, please contact our Office of Student Financial Aid at (703) 993-2000 or through our webform