Reporting Illness

To protect the Mason community and limit the spread of the virus, we must all take responsibility to report if we have COVID-19 or suspect we have been exposed.  Mason provides a secure mechanism for reporting illness and test results.

General Notification Guidelines
I have emergency symptoms. Call 911.
I am sick with a non-communicable illness. No formal notification needed. Contact your primary health care provider for further guidance.
I have general COVID-19 questions. Contact Environmental Health and Safety at 703-993-8448.

Notification Guidelines by Category 

If you meet the following criteria, Mason has guidelines for reporting your condition.

I am sick.

  • Fever (100 degrees),
  • Cough, shortness of breath, OR
  • Severe fatigue & muscle aches, or other symptoms of COVID.


I have been diagnosed with or tested positive for COVID-19.


I am awaiting COVID-19 test results and am currently self-isolating.

Student Notification Guidelines
If Student Health Services (SHS) is your primary provider, call them at 703-993-2831. All others: Contact your health care provider, then fill out the Mason Covid Health Check™. 
Mason Employee Notification Guidelines
Contact your health care provider, then fill out the Mason Covid Health CheckHuman Resources and Environmental Health and Safety will contact you if necessary.
Contractor Notification Guidelines
Contact your health care provider, then notify Environmental Health & Safety at 703-993-8448.