COVID-19 Testing

Mason’s COVID Testing

Due to the ongoing risk of COVID-19 transmission and illness, Mason strongly encourages all students, faculty, and staff (vaccinated and unvaccinated) to participate in routine COVID testing. Summer residential students will be required to test at three points throughout the summer. Symptomatic students are required to receive a diagnostic test at Student Health Services.  

Although not required, you are strongly encouraged to utilize Mason’s COVID test sites for testing. All on-campus testing is free, and Mason is offering extended hours to accommodate diverse schedules; see schedule below. 

Students who are non-compliant with Mason’s testing requirement will be referred to the Office of Student Conduct and may be unenrolled from in-person classes, expelled from their on-campus residence, and prohibited from participating in on- and off-campus events and extracurricular activities

Testing is prioritized for: 

  • Students and employees experiencing COVID symptoms. 
  • Unvaccinated members of the Mason community. 
  • Vaccinated individuals in high-contact roles and/or activities, such as athletics, dance, clinical settings, registered student organizations, and student support.
  • Vaccinated students and employees who are determined to be close contacts of COVID positive individuals.
  • Asymptomatic students and employees who are concerned about a potential exposure.


Mason’s COVID Test Sites

Mason maintains test sites and hours for residential students, non-residential students, faculty, and staff.  Testing sites will be closed for Memorial Day (Monday, May 30), Juneteenth (Monday, June 20), and Independence Day (Monday, July 4).

Fairfax Campus  
Fenwick Library A Wing (formerly MIX)

M,T, W, 7 a.m. - 5 p.m.;
Th, 9 a.m. - 7 p.m.; F, closed

Peterson Health Clinic Drive-up Station (diagnostic testing for Mason faculty/staff only, by appointment only)

M, T, W, 8 - 11 a.m.; Th, 5 - 7 p.m. F, closed

Schedule your appointment.

Mason Square in Arlington  
Hazel Hall, Rooms B1-13                                     W, 1- 5 p.m. only 
Sci-Tech Campus  
Colgan Hall, Room 413                                        W, 7 - 11 a.m. only

Smithsonian Mason School of Conservation (SMSC) Testing

SMSC requires pre-move-in testing for residential students. Unvaccinated students will be tested at least weekly, and vaccinated students will be tested every other week for at least the first four weeks of the semester. Vault Health test kits will be used. 

Diagnostic Testing (Testing While You Have Symptoms)

Anyone with COVID symptoms should be tested, whether you’ve been vaccinated or not.  

Mason's surveillance test sites are not designed to handle symptomatic individuals; please do not attempt to get a COVID test at Mason’s surveillance test sites if you feel unwell or have symptoms.

Surveillance Testing

To help track the virus spreading via carriers who display no symptoms, Mason has developed a COVID testing strategy based on risk

  • Residential students will be required to test at three points throughout the summer.
  • Students and employee high-contact roles such as dance, athletics university police, clinic staff, and some student/employee support roles are strongly encouraged to participate in periodic testing; testing is not mandatory but strongly encouraged.

Courtesy Testing for Potential Exposures

Students, faculty, and staff who become aware of a potential exposure are eligible to receive a courtesy COVID test at one of Mason’s COVID test sites. If you have COVID symptoms please follow the diagnostic testing procedures outlined on this page.

Close Contact Testing

If you are notified by the Health Department that you are a close contact, Mason COVID Health Check will provide instructions regarding where and how to schedule a COVID test on or off campus. Vaccinated students, faculty, and staff who are identified as close contacts can be tested at Mason’s testing sites. Unvaccinated students, faculty, and staff will need to schedule a diagnostic test.  See graphic below for more information about testing for potential exposure and close contact exposures. Complete Mason COVID Health Check for more information.

Self-Selected On-Demand Testing

Mason is offering free COVID testing for asymptomatic students, faculty, and staff who are concerned about a possible exposure on campus. If you are asymptomatic (do not have symptoms) and want to receive a COVID test, even if you were not notified by Mason or the local health department of a close contact, you may take at test at Fenwick Library A Wing  on the Fairfax Campus and regional campuses during scheduled test site hours (see below).  Tests are limited and available on a first come first serve basis

If you feel unwell, have symptoms, or diagnosed/tested positive for COVID please do not attempt to take a test on campus; instead, contact your primary health care provider for guidance and/or testing.

International Traveler Surveillance Testing

International students, domestic students, and Mason employees who have traveled internationally and have not received an approved CDC or World Health Organization (WHO) vaccine must quarantine upon arrival in the U.S. and have a COVID test within three to five days after arriving in the United States.  After their initial test, international students will follow the same testing protocols as the rest of Mason’s student population, dependent on their housing status. 

Vaccinated international travelers are not required to quarantine or receive testing upon their return to the United States.  All travelers are encouraged to monitor for COVID symptoms. If symptoms occur, self-isolate and contact your primary care provider to discuss your health conditions.