Case Investigation and Contact Tracing

Mason will work with state and local health officials to conduct case investigations and contact tracing as part of our efforts to keep the campus community safe.

  • Case investigation involves identifying and interviewing individuals with COVID-19. 
  • Contact tracing identifies the contacts of individuals with COVID-19 so they can self-quarantine, be monitored for signs of illness, and receive medical attention if necessary.

The Virginia Department of Health (VDH) and other local health organizations conduct contact tracing in Virginia. Mason will work with these agencies to identify COVID -19 cases among the Mason community.

The VDH, with Mason’s assistance, will complete a case investigation form for each confirmed or suspected case, including:

  • Determining a timeframe of infectiousness.
  • Investigating whether others have been exposed.
  • Initiating contact tracing to identify those exposed.

VDH will contact confirmed or suspected COVID-19 cases and ask them to complete a detailed log of where they’ve been (classes, buildings, residence halls, etc.), with whom they’ve been in contact, and when. All exposed contacts will require daily monitoring, and VDH will provide guidance on self-quarantining and  medical care, if needed. 

 Faculty, students, and staff must cooperate with VDH as a condition of being on campus.

Mason is working with state and local public health departments to ensure contact tracing processes are in place and can provide support in the event of a surge in the region. We will update this plan, as needed. 

Mason will maintain the privacy and confidentiality of members of the university community and their close contacts. Only authorized university officials involved with the case investigation and the health department will have access to the information.

Students walk toward the Arlington Campus

Mason will work with the Virginia Department of Health and other local health organizations to identify COVID -19 cases among the Mason community and conduct contact tracing.