Mason COVID Health Check

Mason will continue to use the Mason COVID Health Check through the fall semester; however, the university community is no longer required to complete it daily.

The check is required for those participating in diagnostic and surveillance testing and those reporting positive test results.

The check might be requested for participation in some university events.

What is Mason COVID Health Check?

The goal of symptom screening, COVID testing, and exposure monitoring is to detect early signs of outbreaks to rapidly prevent transmission. The Mason COVID Health Check is important to guide the university through an awareness of potential COVID-19 cases within the Mason community. This allows for better-informed decisions regarding which outbreak mitigation strategies to implement.

Coming to Campus?

Based on your responses to the Mason COVID Health Check, you will receive an automated message.

Statuses and Meanings  


You have no symptoms, testing, or contacts that indicate exposure or illness and therefore you are free to come to campus or participate in face to face classes, events, and activities.


You have indicated that you may have one or more COVID-19 symptoms or have received a positive test or diagnosis. 

* With a negative test and no contact with a positive individual the employee needs to consult with their doctor as their illness may not be COVID and can return to work at the direction of their doctor.


Information Security

All information captured by the Mason COVID Health Check is kept on a secure HIPAA compliant server. This information is encrypted and only available to a small team of screeners who are responsible for identifying potential clusters and responding to questions about potential/confirmed illnesses and outbreaks on campus.


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