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All students, faculty, and staff will be automatically enrolled in daily reminders to complete the Mason COVID Health✓™. If you need to re-enroll in daily reminders, or, you do not fall into one of these groups, please complete the email reminder registration form.

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If you need medical help...

The following resources are close by should your symptoms indicate the need for medical attention.


Student Health Services

INOVA Hospital ERs

NOVANT Hospitals, Haymarket and Manassas ERs

Everyone must complete the health check every day.

Please answer the vaccination status question on the Mason Covid Health Check. If you are vaccinated, you will also need to upload your vaccination documentation through the Health Services Patient PortalYou will be guided through that process. 

Who Must Complete Mason COVID Health✓™?

Mason COVID Health✓™ (Mason COVID Health Check™) is an online screening tool that must be completed daily (7 days a week) by students, faculty, staff, and contractors.

Visitors and guests should complete this survey before visiting campus and may be required to complete Mason COVID Health✓™ for themselves and/or their dependents to access university facilities.

What is Mason COVID Health✓™?

The goal of symptom and exposure screening is to detect early signs of outbreaks to rapidly prevent transmission. Screening is an essential first step to case detection and outbreak management. The Mason COVID Health✓™ is important to guide the university through an awareness of potential COVID-19 cases within the Mason community. This allows for better-informed decisions regarding what outbreak mitigation strategies to implement.

Access the Mason COVID Health✓™

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Coming to Campus?

Based on your responses to the Mason COVID Health✓™ you will receive one of three automated messages.

Statuses and Meanings





You have no symptoms, testing, or contacts that indicate exposure or illness and therefore you are free to come to campus or participate in face to face classes, events, and activities.


You have indicated that you may have one or more COVID-19 symptoms, have been tested and are awaiting results or received positive test, or you were in contact with someone with COVID or tested positive for COVID. If you receive a Yellow message:

  • Remain off campus or in your residence hall
  • You will receive specific instructions on what you should do
  • Additional information and resources will be emailed to you immediately after completing Mason COVID Health✓™


Based on your responses, you may be experiencing a medical emergency and should immediately contact your health care provider or emergency services.

Minimum Isolation and Quarantine Period
Your Status   Your Test is Negative* Your Test is Positive You Aren't Tested
Contact with Positive Case   14 days from contact date with no symptoms   10 days from test date and no symptoms  14 days from contact date with no symptoms 
Tested (PCR or Antigen)   Return to campus if no contact with positive case and no symptoms in past 10 days 10 days from test date and no symptoms NA 



See a health care provider for guidance. Follow restrictions for diagnosed condition   10 days from symptom onset; symptoms improved; and 24 hours after fever with no medication Testing recommended OR 10 days from symptom onset; symptoms improved; and 24 hours after fever with no medication

* With a negative test and no contact with a positive individual the employee needs to consult with their doctor as their illness may not be COVID and can return to work at the direction of their doctor.


If You Live with Someone with COVID-19

If you reside with or have constant contact with someone who tested positive for COVID-19 or is symptomatic, you must follow a specific set of guidelines.

  1. Quarantine for the duration of the positive/sick individual’s 10-day post-test isolation period and/or 10 days after their symptoms appear.
  2. Follow a 14-day quarantine period for non-sick/non-symptomatic household members and close constant contacts. Members of the same residence or frequent close contacts might be required to quarantine for up to 24 days.
  3. If household members can effectively quarantine and avoid close contact, a 14-day quarantine period begins from the last date of close contact (for example, within 6 feet for more than 15 minutes).

Information Security

All information captured by the Mason COVID Health✓™ is kept on a secure HIPAA compliant server. This information is encrypted and only available to a small team of screeners who are responsible for identifying potential clusters and responding to questions about potential/confirmed illnesses and outbreaks on campus.


The portal has been designed to adhere to Section 508 accessibility standards. For questions and/or requests for accomodation assistance, please contact the Office of Disability Services.